A comfortable home away from home

Each 'room' is very spacious with a shelf for cats to perch themselves on for the best views. An igloo allows an escape for those pusses who like to be out of the limelight. Litter trays, cat bowls and scratching posts are provided in a friendly and safe environment.

Litter trays are changed at least twice daily. 

Peace of mind

If your cat falls ill whilst you are away, you have complete peace of mind that he/she will receive the best care throughout their stay. Our healthcare team including trained veterinary nurses and veterinarians are always nearby and on hand to help.

Play and exercise

Don't worry about your cats being in their 'room' all day. During the cleaning process our Cattery team encourage cats to exercise outside their 'room'. Cats exercise isometrically. This means that if a cat has enough room to stretch, he/she can exercise every muscle in their body!


We feed all cats morning and night as per your instructions. All cats enjoy Hill's Science Diet dry and tinned food. All cats are supplied with clear fresh water. If your pet is on a special diet please bring their food with you on admission.


Arrangements can be made for those with family members wishing to visit their cat providing it is not at meal times.


We administer medication including any injections your cat may require as per your instructions.

Medical History

If you are not a regular visitor to our related veterinary practice, it is important to inform us of any health issues your cat may have had, or is likely to have, in case your cat is taken ill during his/her board. Veterinary care is available at all times and for those rare moments that require it we reserve the right to treat your cat if necessary.

Our Carers - just like they are our own

Our Cattery carers are passionate about felines. You can be assured your friend will receive plenty of attention and cuddles during their stay with us.

The health and well being of our visitors

To ensure the wellbeing of all cats, vaccinations must be current. If your cat has not been vaccinated by our practice, we must sight proof of vaccination before boarding your friend. For the comfort and protection of others, we also request that your cat is up to date with flea and worm prevention.

If your cat has had cat flu, he/she may require accommodation in isolation at the discretion of the cattery manager.

Boarding fees and payment

For the latest boarding prices, please visit our Boarding Rates page.

Payment can be made on pickup. For longer periods or peak holiday times a deposit is required and the balance paid in full on pickup. We accept Master card, Visa, Bankcard, cash and Eftpos. Please note a surcharge of $10.00 per cat per night applies on public holidays.

Check in times

Monday to Friday - Before 4pm

Saturday - Before 1pm

Check out times

Monday to Friday - By 4pm

Saturday - By 1pm

Please note that our catteries are closed on Sunday but our Cattery carers are on site to care for our feline guests.