Dental Referral

Dr Colin will happily accept dental cases from referring veterinarians and will also see pet parents who would like to self-refer their own pet (with a full history provided from your primary veterinarian).

All dental consultations with Dr Colin are FREE.

Basic to Advanced Dentistry

Services range from basic to advanced dentistry, including:

Advanced pet dentistry - animal dental referral

Basic to Advanced Periodontics

This is the treatment of the diseased tissue holding the teeth in place and includes open root planning and gingival flap surgery.


This is the treatment of the sensitive ‘pulp’ inside to tooth and include Root Canal Therapy for broken or dead teeth and Vital Pulp Therapy for teeth that need to be made shorter (for example if there is a painful malocclusion).

Feline Stomatitis

Treatment of this painful condition requires meticulous care with extraction of the teeth for the pest results.

Difficult extractions

Some extractions can be difficult and having the correct equipment and experience can improve the pet’s comfort levels and reduce the anaesthetic duration.


This is the treatment of abnormally enlarged or diseased gingiva (gum).


Treatment of chipped but otherwise healthy teeth as well as some malocclusions can be treated by smoothing or reshaping the teeth. The teeth must be sealed correctly after this procedure.

Pet dentist referral - dental x-ray radiograph

Oronasal Fistula

This abnormal communication with the oral cavity and the nose can be repaired. Most often this is at the site of the (usually missing) upper canine tooth, especially in long nosed dogs.


The surgical treatment for tumours of the oral cavity. This includes both soft tissue and mandibulectomy/maxillectomy surgery.


The gold standard for repairing a compromised tooth after root canal therapy is to apply a protective crown. These can also be applied to damaged teeth from ‘cage biters’ where the back of the tooth becomes warn and weakened from the abnormal tooth wear.


Base narrow canines that are touching and hurting the roof of the mouth (hard palate) need to either be moved (Orthodontics) or shortened (Vital Pulp Therapy).