Winston The Corgi

Winston, an 11 month old Corgi was brought into our clinic when he was feeling unwell and not eating or drinking at home.

Winston is known to taste anything and everything so Winston's owners were worried that he may have eaten something he shouldn't have. During his clinical exam, Winston's tummy was rather sore and the vet could feel something hard in his abdomen.

It was decided that Winston be admitted to our hospital for x-rays to see what was making Winston feel so sick. To our amazement The x-rays showed 2 rounded foreign objects inside Winston's small intestine.  Winston's owner gave us the go ahead to perform an exploratory surgery of Winston's abdomen.

Dr Colin removed two pebbles from Winston's intestines. After surgery, Winston spent the night at the Animal Referral Hospital for overnight observation and care and was discharged the following morning. Winston was back to his normal bouncy self the day after his surgery! Winston’s owners have since removed all garden pebbles from home.