Thank you Wellness Bloods … and don’t feed me Jerky!

Ollie and Lily are the loveliest little poodle crosses that you’ll ever meet. Donned with ‘his’ and ‘hers’ harnesses and matching haircuts they are inseparable ‘twins’. They are a ray of sunshine every time they visit the clinic. 

They both recently came in for a routine health checks with a wellness blood test and urine sample, and curiously they both had glucose in the urine. Now, normally this would trigger alarm bells for diabetes… but two pets developing diabetes at the same time? That’s unusual. The blood samples however had normal glucose levels meaning that this wasn’t diabetes. So, what was going on?

Although it is uncommon, this is almost certainly Fanconi’s Syndrome, caused by eating dried Jerky meats. Low and behold both little Ollie and Lily have had regular jerky treats. Even though they only have a small amount of jerky each and the jerky is sold as a pet food, they still have developed this syndrome.

The good news is that we diagnosed this early before either one was showing any illness and simply removing the jerky, giving intravenous fluids and monitoring the urine and kidney parameters we have been able to fix these guys up. If on the other hand, we did not diagnose this until they were showing signs of being ill they may very well have been left with significant permanent kidney disease.

We are all so glad that we took wellness bloods and urine on these beauties otherwise things may not have turned out so well!