Ruby’s Lumpy Mouth

Ruby's Lumpy Mouth

Ruby is a lovely Cavoodle that was referred to us as she had a mass in her mouth. After examining her we could see that the tooth near the mass was also loose. After a thorough examination of Ruby and a blood sample, we were able to treat her oral mass.

Almost all masses in the mouth can look the same so it was very hard to even hazard a guess at what the mass might be. For a diagnosis we needed to take a sample of the mass and send it off to the lab to be analysed. The other clue as to whether it was a cancer or not was based on how the x-rays of the mouth looked; growths that invade the bone are bad news whereas those that don’t are more likely to be benign.

This particular mass was not invading the bone but had caused some periodontal disease (this is disease affecting the supporting structures of the tooth such as bone) and had damaged the neighbouring tooth. As we suspected, it would be a benign growth, we elected to remove it with a narrow margin of normal tissue. This involved performing a small maxillectomy which is a procedure to remove the mass, the affected teeth and the bone all in one piece. The site was then sutured closed with a flap from the lip.

Great news! The mass was benign and we are likely to have cured the growth. Ruby is doing wonderfully well and has her beautiful smelling breath back.