Meet Princess

Princess is a young puppy who came in for a routine Spey procedure. The surgery went very well, and Princess recovered very smoothly. At the 3-day post-operative checkup, we found that there was swelling in Princess's surgical site, about the size of a golf ball. The swelling was not bothering Princess at all. Princess's parents are very diligent and careful owners. They did their best to try to keep Princess rested. However, being a young puppy, Princess was up and running around playing the day after the surgery. 

After a thorough check over by one of our vets, there is no breakage of the surgical site and the swelling only contained serous pink fluids with no signs of bacteria nor cells. It was noted that Princess has a seroma formed at her surgical site. Seroma is a common surgical complication during the healing process post-surgery. It may be exacerbated by excessive movement to the surgical area. If there is too much of a gap between the muscles and the skin layer, the body will try to fill in this gap using the body serous fluids. Draining the seroma is controversial as the body will usually fill up the "gap" immediately. The body over time, with rest, will resorb the fluids by itself. This may take days to weeks. It is still highly recommended to have it checked out by a vet to ensure it is a seroma. 

It may be difficult to keep your puppies rested after a surgery, however do your best to limit their activity and this will limit the chance of the seroma forming.