Meet Lucy

Meet Lucy, a recent patient to the Pascoe Vale Vet Hospital. Our day at the clinic started off like any other, the consultations were routine, surgeries uncomplicated, unfortunately for Lucy that changed very

quickly. The phone rang at 5:45pm, an unleashed dog had approached Lucy and attacked her. With the help of a kind stranger, Lucy was rushed to hospital immediately.

Intravenous fluid therapy, pain relief and oxygen were the most crucial - allowing Lucy's blood pressure to normalise, reduce pain and ensure that she was breathing normally. After some discussion amongst the team, it was decided that Lucy needed surgery that day and it could not wait till tomorrow. 

As dog bite wounds can cause the formation of fluid pockets under the skin, it was essential to place rubber drains through the wounds to help with drainage of fluid over the course of a few days. The crushing force of a dog's bite can be enough to cause tissues to bruise heavily or worse, die off. These tissues needed to be removed to maximise potential for healing. These was all completed under a general anaesthetic, which went smoothly. 

Several hours later, Lucy emerged with tail wag and a ridiculous haircut to go with the stitches and drains placed in her neck. Her resilience was admirable and she recovered with no complications whatsoever. She has since resumed her usual walks with her owner, un-phased by what she had just been through.