Meet Little Glennie

Little Glennie was a stray kitten that was bought into our clinic in a very sad state. Unfortunately he had no microchip so there was no way of finding out where he had come from, and from the looks of him he had been a street kid all his life. Glennie had a life threatening injury to one of his hind legs that had been causing severe pain for quite some time. When Dr Colin first examined him, Little Glennie looked into his eyes and his heart melted.

The first thing we did was sedate Glenn and administered pain relief so that we could fully assess the injury to his hind leg. The injury was very traumatic and it was clear that there was no other option other than to amputate his leg.

As soon as Glennie woke up from the anaesthetic he was pain free and was able to rest and sleep like he would not have been able to do in a long time.  He was also not at all put-out by the fact that he was one leg lighter. Once he had rested, his personality began to shine through, after a very short period of time he wanted to play and was very happy with life.  So needless to say, he had stolen the hearts of all of us at the clinic.

After a very short phone call, with the person on the other end of the phone crying for joy, we had found Glennie a new home.  It’s a perfect marriage now; little Glennie lives on the top floor of an apartment with beautiful views of the city, safely away from the rough streets of his childhood, with a doting mother who can’t stop adoring him and giving him kisses.  He has found the ‘purrfect’ love.