Meet Jefferson

Jefferson is a happy stay-at-home 11 month old kitten. He was brought to our attention because his mother noticed that there was hair loss on his right ear flap. His mother thought that he has been scratching a lot more in that particular ear.

After careful examination, he had some moderate build-up of foul-smelling ear wax along with inflammation in that ear canal. Some samples of the ear wax were collected and were stained with special dye which allowed us to examine under the microscope. From this it was determined that the infection is caused by overgrowth of budding yeast. Jefferson was treated with specialised ear cleaning solution and ear medication suitable for defeating yeast infection. He was announced all clear after the re-visit in five days’ time.

Ear infection is a very common condition that we see. Even though it is common, it can be complicated. Dogs and cats have a "L" shaped ear canal, any overgrowth of organisms in the ear canal can cause infection if not properly managed. A scope will be used to look down the ear canal to make sure that the ear drum is intact before administering the ear medication, otherwise it will cause additional problems if the ear drum is compromised. We also have to determine what kind of infection it is (bacterial/fungal/parasitic), in order for us to recommend a proper medication accordingly. A revisit consultation and cytology testing of the ear wax are equally important, it allows us to know when to stop the medication or the need for additional treatment.

Despite being very active at home, Jefferson never go outside his house.  Hence it is very easy for pet owners to assume that their indoor furry friends are not exposed with any infection. Jefferson's mother was surprised but will continue to diligently check and clean Jefferson's ears. Regular health checks are important for early detection of illness in your pet. If you would like to book your pet in for a health check please call (03) 9350 2955.