Meet Jazzy

Jazzy is a 1 year and 11 month old female speyed domestic short haired cat who came to see us at Pascoe Vale Veterinary Hospital, because she had been vomiting and not eating (which is unusual for her) and she had been hiding under the bed. When she was checked by our vet, Dr Paul, she had a sore belly but otherwise didn’t seem too unwell. A blood test was run, and she was given some anti-nausea medication and pain relief. The following day she was re-checked, she had not had any more vomiting but was still sore in her belly and still not interested in eating (now very very unusual for her!) Given her blood results were all normal, ruling out causes of vomiting outside of the gut, Dr Nathalie became concerned that she had eaten something that was causing a blockage in her intestines. X-rays and an ultrasound of her abdomen were taken. Can you see what we can? 

We could see a structure in her intestines that was abnormal and there was a lot of gas building up in her stomach and intestines, in front of the blockage. So Jazzy was taken straight to surgery to find out what was causing her problems. Little Jazzy had eaten an ear plug! This was removed during the surgery and we are pleased to announce that Jazzy has made an excellent recovery and is now back at home, healthy and happy. Thank you for being such a lovely patient Jazzy, now just stay away from ear plugs! 

The very cute poem below was sent to us by Jazzy’s parent after she had recovered from surgery.