Life is a marathon for Dr Victoria!

Life is a marathon for Dr Victoria

Ever wondered what your vet does outside of work? Maybe you’ve seen me swinging my leg over my bike (affectionately known as ‘Michael’) or flicking on my Garmin (‘Paskey’) in the car park at Pascoe Vale Veterinary Hospital as I set off on my 13 kilometre run home.  

Well, there you have it. With the London Marathon 12 weeks away, I’m gearing up the training. An average week for me includes anywhere in the range of 10 to 12+ hours of sport - split between running (my favourite), cycling (functionality) and swimming (for those 40 degree days).  

Why? I’ve been running since I was captain of my cross-country team in high school. It gives me balance, has built me great friendships (I train with Melbourne’s Crosbie Crew) and brings me to beautiful places. Since moving to Australia in September I’ve had some spectacular trail runs on the Mornington Peninsula and in the Alpine Ranges - you certainly are spoilt for scenery in Victoria! And as for the cycling and swimming? Well when trying to impress my now partner in the early stages of our relationship, I boldly signed up for my first triathlon (Salford Quays, UK) after our, admittedly unconventional, third date open-water swimming in Manchester’s ship canals. 

Since then, we’ve travelled around Europe, and now Australia with the solid tactic of registering for an event and only later working out how we are actually going to get ourselves across the finish line. In fact, we are currently training for Lake Wanaka’s ‘Swim-Run’ event in March, a 44km adventure race, in which we will be transitioning some 20-odd times between the two disciplines, pitting ourselves into the glacial lake and crossing some rather hilly terrain ... all whilst tied together by a 3 metre bungee cord.  

Six weeks later, I’ll be back in the UK for a ‘holiday’ pushing both my physical and mental limits. At the Paris marathon last April, I qualified for a rare place at London’s monumental counterpart. I’m blessed with some fantastic friends and family who will be cheering me all the way through the 42.2 kilometre course. I look forward to seeing you and your furry friends in May! 

The photo above is just after collecting our medals for completing the 28km ‘Two Bays’ run on the Mornington Peninsula in January.