Learning around the globe

We are in the era of scientific discovery, and as you may know the medical field is progressing in leaps and bounds with breakthroughs in the treatment of diseases nearly every week! The same is true for the Veterinary field and it is important for our patients that we keep up with the latest information and training in medicine and surgery. It's called 'Continuing Professional Education' and Veterinarians must register a minimum number of 'CPD points' to keep their registration current; it not only benefits the skills of the Vet's who went to the conference, but the rest of the team when they come back.

Earlier this year, Dr Colin travelled to Las Vegas for a global Veterinary Dentistry conference where he honed his skills in dentistry. Key topics included dental x-rays and interpretation, enamel capping, root canals, minimally traumatic extraction technique and preventative care. He came back and shared this new knowledge with the rest of the team so we could all keep up with latest in Veterinary Dentistry.

In September, Dr Chantelle will be travelling to Hawaii to learn the latest in global standards about Gastroenterology and Urinary health for cats and dogs. We look forward to hearing all of the new insights she will have on return!