Laparoscopic (keyhole) desexing

At Pascoe Vale Veterinary Hospital we perform the traditional open spay and we are also fortunate to be able to offer laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery for desexing.

Laparoscopy is the procedure of looking into the abdomen with a camera inserted through a very tiny hole in the body wall. Instruments can also be placed into the abdomen via very tiny incisions, which allows some surgical procedures to be performed. Laparoscopic desexing is where a patient is desexed using laparoscopic techniques to remove the ovaries only (immature females) or the ovaries and uterus (mature females).

Laparoscopic procedures have become the standard in human surgery especially for obstetrical procedures and are quickly gaining popularity in the veterinary sector.  The procedures are more technically demanding and require considerably more equipment to perform than the traditional desexing.

The benefits of only having a tiny incisions to heal, means your pet’s recovery is quicker and they can get back to being their normal selves as quickly as possible.

To find out more about laparoscopic desexing procedures, speak to our friendly staff by popping in for a chat or calling the clinic on 9350 2955. You can also learn more about the procedure here - Laparoscopic Spaying