Introducing a new pet to a household

After being brought in as a malnourished underweight stray kitten, Dot captured the hearts of all the staff here with her docile personality, perfectly positioned white fluffy moustache and her lusciously long whiskers. So much so in fact, that one of the vets decided to take her home as a trial to see if she would be a good fit for her fur family.

With two rescue greyhounds at home, despite both with very gentle personalities, any introduction of a new pet into the family can be a tad daunting. Especially when the kitten you're bringing home weighs less than a kilogram and could look like a soft toy to your dogs.

On arrival to her potential forever home, Dot was greeted by giant sloppy tongues, intrusively long wet noses and huge bear-sized paws - things which she had never seen before. Luckily she had the safety of the cat carrier to give her some space while she figured out what these giant creatures were. After a few days, she grasped the courage to emerge from underneath the couch and within a few weeks, what started as an uncertain growl, a play swipe here and there, has blossomed into an inseparable friendship.

Not all transitions are this smooth. Every animal is different in the way they deal with new situations; some find it more difficult than others. From your pet's point of view, you're essentially bringing an invader into the household and they're going to be forced to share their space, their toys, their food and most importantly, your attention. Don't set expectations too high and don't be discouraged if things are taking longer than you'd like. Give them space, time and patience and soon enough, you'll reap the benefits of a happy fur family!