Hugo just wants to go to the loo

Let’s talk about Hugo the Siamese, where do we start? Let’s start with Hugo’s Mum - she is a lovely pet parent who will do anything for her little Hugo, no matter how unappreciative he seems (or probably is). 

Hugo has a long and sordid history with Pascoe Vale Vet and was once a creature to be feared.  He would start winding up all those around him as soon as he came through the door; with his operatic set of lungs he would play out murder scenes from Hitchcock movies over and over again while waiting for his turn to torment the vet. This was always somewhat embarrassing for Hugo’s Mum so much so that she would apologise profusely to all and sundry in the waiting room. 

In the consultation room Hugo was a shark to be feared … “We’re going to need a bigger boat!”

Well in recent months Hugo has taken a chill pill and visits the clinic on a regular basis and although he still talks to us he is less interested in quoting violent movies but rather serenading us.

Hugo has been battling with megacolon for some time and it got to the point where he really was unable to go to the toilet by himself.  He has been on all the medications but was still requiring twice weekly enemas to relieve him. He started having Orthopaedic Manipulation and this has made a world of difference to him and now he can go weeks without needing an enema.

Megacolon is a disease that cats can get that causes the large intestine to stop being able to move the faeces along causing constipation.  It can be a difficult to manage medically and sadly some cats do become unmanageable with megacolon, even after surgery.  We are very lucky that not only has Hugo responded well to his treatment but he also has become a little sweetheart and always gets a cuddle at the vet.