Henry Fractures his Jaw!

 Henry is an incredibly special cat.  At only 6 days old Henry lost his mother and was hand-raised by a local shelter until he found his forever home where he has lived for the past 5 years. Henry has always been a “snuggly, cheeky and lovable boy”.

Last year Henry’s owner came home to find him drooling and his mouth was open.

Poor henry broke his jaw and was unable to close his mouth!  This is a very distressing place to be; not only was it very painful but also can make it hard to eat.  Henry is one of the most placid cats we know and he was very tolerant of all the help we gave him to get him better.

Henry’s fracture was at the temporomandibular joint.  This is the joint where the lower jaw pivots from when you or your pet opens their mouth.

The treatment for this is to return the jaw to its correct position and stop the mouth from opening too much which can cause it to move out of alignment again.  We temporarily fused Henry’s upper and lower canine teeth together using an artificial tooth material called “composite”.

Henry now has a cheeky grin and a wonderfully pain-free smile!The composite is coloured bright pink as it makes it easy to see in the mouth.  Henry had his jaw fused in this position for a number of weeks to allow it to heal.  Henry was still able to eat and drink well with his jaw in this position. When it was time we removed the composite and ‘hey presto’ the jaw was fixed and no longer coming out of alignment. 

Henry now has a cheeky grin and a wonderfully pain-free smile!