Dr Victoria: Mission Rabies Update

Dr Victoria: Mission Rabies Update

As of our you may already know, Dr Victoria will be taking two weeks of leave at the end of August to partake in a rabies vaccination drive and education campaign. Due to the tragic terrorist incident in Sri Lanka over the Easter weekend, Mission Rabies is re-directing the team to Cambodia to continue working on the project with the hope of returning to Sri Lanka in the near future. Dr Victoria would like to thank our clients who have already contributed to this cause either through the in-clinic donation box or online.

While rabies is not a disease we have to worry too much about in the developed world, unfortunately, in many rural communities of Africa and Asia, the disease is endemic. Across the world, over seven million people annually come into contact with rabid dogs. This causes over 100 paediatric deaths every day with 99% of human cases originating from infected dog bites. 

A perfect example of an integrated One Health approach, human disease is best prevented by controlling canine disease through mass vaccination. Elimination should be epidemiologically feasible however continues to elude us for socio-economic reasons.  

Mission Rabies

Mission Rabies, originally founded by the Worldwide Veterinary Service is 2013, is working globally towards a rabies free world. Relying on volunteers, the charity runs a number of projects throughout the year focusing on both vaccination and education. 

Any donation great or small will be greatly appreciated to cover our campaign participation fee as well as providing a great contribution to Mission Rabies. Just pop something in the box or visit Dr Victoria’s page at: gf.me/u/rua9zb

We look forward to seeing you back in our clinic soon!