Colin's Dental Exam Success

For everyone who knows me it’s no secret what my passions are; and no it’s not just dentistry! But the road to my passion for dentistry started with my passion for preventing diseases and illnesses and not just treating them when they appear.  I’m sure you know that you don’t get to leave the clinic without me confirming that your loved one is on a great quality food, or without a discussion about weight (sorry … but not that sorry).  This all started early in my career when I realised, for many animals, that I could tell if they were on great food or not simply when they are walking through the door of the consulting room.  And it will perhaps also be no surprise that the pets that were not on the great foods were the ones that I was forever treating for skin disease, ear problems, flatulence, hormonal diseases, and the list goes on.  So, the scene was set for being proactive with preventative medicine; and this starts with, yes you guessed it, a great quality diet and weight control. It’s therefore not hard to imagine how that road led to dentistry; just about every pet (both dogs and cats) over a couple of years of age have dental disease. This has a significant knock on effect to the rest of the body.  If there is even mild disease there is pain, infection and bacteria spreading into the vascular system to lodge and take residence in the organs of the body. Imagine how the lungs feel about this every time that air is breathed in through an infected mouth or what it is like chewing on a rotten tooth?  But also imagine what it is like having a healthy set of teeth; no pain! No smelly breath! No stress to the rest of the body!  The key to all of this? Preventative medicine!  

Ok, so the semi rant is over, but that is how I got passionate about dentistry. Over the last two years I have forgotten what a novel is and been drifting off to sleep at night with a textbook in my hands. But the upshot of all this study has been that I have passed a number of exams to obtain Membership of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists (MANZCVS) in Small Animal Dentistry & Oral Surgery. 

That’s a long way of saying “Yes I passed.”