Clumsy Toby

Meet Toby

Meet Toby, the newest addition to Nurse Miranda’s family. Toby is a Whippet X Kelpie puppy that Miranda rescued; and he is already very well known to all the staff at Pascoe Vale Vet! 

Last Monday, Miranda was going to have Toby checked by a vet before registering him for pet insurance. That very morning, after dropping the kids off to school, Toby was so excited when Miranda came home that he collided with a timber step and broke his leg!

Toby was seen at the clinic and x-rays were taken under anaesthetic. It was identified that Toby’s type and number of fractures were minimally displaced. A splint was required to help his leg heal as well as bandage changes every 4 days. Miranda tells us that this hasn't slowed Toby down one bit except when he is asleep on the couch!

For your information, Toby is now covered by pet insurance!

Toby asleep on the couch