Chocolate cake for two!

Sunny and his ‘brother’ Sammy celebrated their Mum’s birthday without her. They were so excited about the impending evening birthday party that during the day when Mum was at work they thought they might start without her.  So they stealthfully opened the Coles bag containing the chocolate birthday cake that was safely stowed away in the middle of the kitchen floor.

Ok, so it was all a little bit tempting and given that Mum is a nurse that works here, maybe she should have seen this one coming a mile away… But Abbey didn’t (her name has not been changed to protect the guilty J).

“I’ll have half and you can have the other half” Sunny said to Sammy, and hand in hand they polished off the cake. By the time Abbey came home they were complaining that they were a little full, but still boasted about how much they love chocolate cake.

Abbey dialled 000 (actually 9350 2955) and told us that she was on her way. On the car journey to the clinic she explained to Sunny and Sammy that chocolate, no matter how yummy it may have been, was actually poisonous to dogs. And given that this was an extra special chocolaty birthday mud-cake that getting to the clinic was rather urgent.  She prattled on about how chocolate affects the heart and can cause arrhythmias, vomiting, diarrhoea, tremors and seizures.  They turned towards each other and Abbey knew that they were both now worried.

Sunny and Sammy certainly looked full when they waddled through the door and I’m pretty sure I heard an ‘I’m really really full’ sigh. Although neither Sunny nor Sammy quite knew what was going to happen when they got to the clinic, they were a little disappointed that they suddenly found themselves vomiting but strangely satisfied that they got to taste the delicious chocolaty goodness twice!

Then they both had a dessert of something that looked like chocolate but didn’t taste like chocolate. Later they found out that it was activated charcoal to help treat for any chocolate that had entered their intestines and had not been vomited up. Neither of them liked the taste.

After it was all over and they had been given the all clear, I asked Sunny and Sammy if they had learned from their mistakes and would not be doing this again. And they both said in synchrony “Yep, definitely do it again.”

Mum no longer thinks that the middle of the kitchen floor is a good place to store chocolate cakes.