Yakima's toy obsession goes awry

Yakima is an 8 year old, male, domestic shorthair cat who loves having fun with his toys at home. One day, he presented to the hospital for vomiting and being slightly quieter than usual.

On initial examination, all his vital signs were within normal limits. He did not seem tender in his abdomen and there was possibly a non-discrete small mass in the intestines that the vet could feel. The initial steps to work out Yakima's problem were to run a blood test and start him on some medications to protect his gut against all the vomiting.

The blood results returned the next day with relatively mild changes often seen with vomiting and all his organ functions were normal. However, Yakima continued to vomit and was not able to keep any food down at all. The mass that was felt the previous day became much more obvious as a foreign body with a triangular shape. X-rays of the abdomen revealed possibility of the foreign body causing an obstruction in the small intestines.

Yakima's owner had revealed in the initial consultation that Yakima has had several surgeries in the past for removal of foreign bodies in the intestines. It was decided to perform an exploratory laparotomy on Yakima in search of this triangular shaped object. Surgery revealed the foreign body that was stuck in part of the small intestine, not allowing any fluid or food to pass through. Removal of the foreign body proceeded with no complications. It was later noted that the foreign body was most likely the tip of a small plastic mice that Yakima loves to play with!

Yakima has recovered well from surgery. His owner is now a lot more aware to monitor him while he plays with his favourite toys, so that he doesn't tear them up into pieces and tries to devour parts of "mice" like he would do in the wild. Always be wary of the state of toys given to your pets and throw away ones that have been torn or tattered to prevent ingestion of parts of the toys.