Winston's Woes

Winston is a beautiful little rabbit that recently came to see us as he had odd coloured urine. Rabbits can have some unusual coloured urine at times and this is often normal, but to be on the safe side we got a sample from Winston for a dipstick and microscopic evaluation. Unfortunately the colour in the urine was indeed from blood and not something more benign. The most common cause of bloody urine in our rabbit (and guineapig) friends is because of a stone in the bladder. So we admitted Winston for the day to investigate and we saw this on the xray (pictured right).

This is a side-on view of Winston and it’s not hard to see the white round shape which just happens to be in Winston’s bladder.

This was definitely a stone, but this type of stone is not something that we can dissolve with food like we can with some dog and cat bladder stones, so the only option for Winston was to have it surgically removed - which we did. Winston had to have a general anaesthetic for the stone removal, from which he made a full recovery. And Winston’s caring owners are glad to have him back to his usual tricks again!