Too many stingers for Winnie

Winnie is an adorable 17 week old toy Cavoodle who just loves to explore! One day, she was snuffling around the backyard when suddenly she yelped and started pawing her face. Her mum rushed her in to see us after noticing a wasp flew away.

Within half an hour poor Winnie had vomited four times and was a miserable puppy indeed. After our veterinarian gave Winnie two different anti-histamine injections, her mum kept a close eye on her to make sure she stopped vomiting. She improved in the next few hours but we warned Winnie's mum that Winnie might not learn her lesson and get stung again! It was at this point that we brought up the discussion of pet insurance with Winnie's parents. Given her inquisitive nature her parents decided it was best to cover her even though they weren't going to let her outside unsupervised again.

Lucky they did take up insurance! Because about 2 to 3 weeks later, Winnie came back to us because she had been stung by a wasp again! After her check over, another anti-histamine shot was given and Winnie was on her way. Surely you'd think she would learn after the second bite...

Sadly, less than a week after the second wasp sting, Winnie was stung but this time by a bee. Her face swelled up and she was having trouble breathing. With some oxygen therapy and another anti-histamine injection, Winnie was back to normal in a few hours. Would she learn this time?

The fourth insect bite came a fortnight later when Winnie was limping. After our veterinarian checked her over, we found a small bite wound this time on her paw. Since she had stopped limping by the time she got to us, there was no injection required for Winnie. But you can imagine the vet bills starting to accumulate! Luckily, Winnie's parents were being covered by their insurance company for all these visits!

Insect bite number FIVE came three weeks later! Again, Winnie's patient parents bundled her up to the vet clinic after she yelped, rubbed her muzzle and vomited twice. Our veterinarian found a bee stinger this time on the right side of her muzzle where it was very swollenĀ and Winnie had become quite sleepy. This time we needed to observe her recovery after her anti-histamine injection to make sure that she didn't have trouble breathing again. Two hours later she was up and tail wagging in hospital.

As a summary, Winnie has had (to date) five insect bites within two months. Our concern is that Winnie's immune system will become sensitised to the bee venom and each time mounts a more aggressive reaction. Winnie's parents are well prepared with their pet insurance and knowing where the nearest 24 hour emergency centre is, just in case the next time happens while we are closed!

We are unsure when Winnie's next visit to the vets might be. We love to see her but we hope that her next visit will be for her desexing and nothing else!