Sunny loses a leg after an unfortunate road accident

Sunny is a 10 month old male German short haired pointer who was brought into our hospital last month after being run over by a bus. Sunny was showing signs of shock and was in a lot of pain.

The first thing we had to do was put him on a high rate of intravenous fluids to help his body deal with shock. Shock occurs when there is a large drop in blood pressure. This is critical as the blood cannot deliver enough oxygen to the body and brain, which is life threatening. A high rate of intravenous fluids helps restore blood pressure, allowing the body and brain to receive oxygen.

A pain relief injection was given to help Sunny cope with the pain. His vital signs including heart rate and temperature had to be monitored continuously.

The next step was to take radiographs to see if there were any internal injuries such as fractures or internal bleeding.

Once Sunny was stabilised, he was put under a general anaesthetic and radiographs were taken. The radiographs showed that he had a fractured left shoulder and it was dislocated.

After speaking to specialist orthopaedic surgeons, it was found that the shoulder was too damaged to be fixed and the best outcome was to amputate the leg.

Sunny's owners were notified, and although they were devastated, they wanted the surgery to be performed.

Sunny's surgery took 4 hours and he stayed in hospital for 9 days while recovering. His owners visited him twice a day, every day and he was very happy to see them every time.

Each day he showed signs of improvement. At first, the vets and nurses had to support his weight using towels under his legs as he walked around the clinic for exercise. After a few days, Sunny was able to get up and take a few steps by himself. He was still quite bruised and sore from the accident.

By the time Sunny went home, he was able to walk around by himself. Even though he was still sore, he managed to walk around the clinic to find Bono, the clinic cat, to say Hello.

Sunny and his Owners come to visit us once or twice a week for a check up, and every time he has to walk around the clinic to say hello to Bono and all the staff.