Squinty eyed Rocky

Rocky is a 10 month old male Chihuahua who was brought to us with a squinty eye. On initial examination we could not see anything in Rocky's eye but on closer examination using a special stain called fluoroscein showed that Rocky had an ulcer on his eye. The fluorosceinis dropped into the eye and turns electric green. It binds to collagen which is exposed when there is an ulcer in the cornea (the clear portion at the front of the eye). When a ultraviolet light is subsequently shone on the eye only the ulcer glows green.

In Rocky's case, the ulcer was extremely small but was causing enough pain to make him continually squint. We have a suspicion that the family cat may have had something to do with this ulcer but only Rocky will know the absolute truth! The pair do love to play but the cat's patience wears thin before Rocky's enthusiasm!

We started Rocky on pain relief and applying an antibiotic ointment every 2-3 hours. Rocky's owners were fantastically diligent at getting the drops in so frequently and by the time we re-evaluated Rocky's eye two days later, again using the fluoroscein dye, it had almost disappeared but not quite. We continued on therapy and by the seventh day Rocky's eye had healed leaving only a small scar which will hopefully shrink down and disappear with time.

Little Rocky was a great little patient and he was lucky to have owners that were so caring and commited to getting his eye fixed as soon as possible. I doubt Rocky will stop playing with the family cat but I hope he sharpens his reflexes a bit!