Something furry on the inside causing problems for Murphy

Patient of the Month - Murphy

Recently we had the very handsome 4 year old Murphy stayed with us here at Pascoe Vale Vet Hospital. Murphy is not always a fan of visiting the clinic, and likes to make his displeasure known through ‘talking’ to the staff during consultations. When he was admitted to the hospital for vomiting and weight loss and it proceeded without a peep from him, the veterinarian knew straight away something was up with little Murphy and that this was not the chap we all know and love. 

When the vet felt Murphy's tummy it just didn’t feel right inside there. After a number of tests it was clear that the best thing was to surgically have a look at what was going on inside his abdomen. With that decided we went into surgery and found the problem. There was a hairball that has completely blocked the intestine and was causing the intestine around it to die. A section of intestine needed to be removed to get rid of the entire damaged portion of the intestine. 

Foreign bodies such as hairballs, toys, bones and corn cobs are not uncommonly found in dogs but it is not often that we go in search for one in a cat. The most common symptoms if your pet were to suffer from something similar are vomiting, being off colour and going off their food.  However not all pets show these exact symptoms in the life threatening condition and as you can imagine, these symptoms are similar for a number of other illnesses such as a simple upset tummy.

We are glad to say that it wasn’t long before Murphy was acting himself again and able to go home.