Sebastian's mis-adventures lead to long road to recovery

Sebastian is a 2 ½ year old domestic shorthair that presented at Pascoe Vale Veterinary Hosptial after being missing for several days. He was very distressed, walking very gingerly with a crouched stance and was covered in urine. He was also dribbling frank blood from his back end.

Emergency treatment was provided and once stable, an investigation was initiated. Bruising on his belly indicated significant blunt trauma. Radiographs revealed that he has a displaced fracture of his spine at the level of his tail base (which explained the paralysis of his tail). A blood test indicated severe electrolyte imbalances, secondary changes to his kidneys and significant anaemia.

An ultrasound of his abdomen identified a large mass in his bladder.

The conclusion was that Sebastian had suffered severe trauma to his backside resulting in a broken tail, adbormal dysfunction to the nerves associated with urination and he had haemorrhaged into his bladder causing a blood clot to form.

Sebastian stayed in hospital for a total of 19 days. He aslo spent two nights under crital care observation at the Essendon Emergency Centre.

Luckily, Sebastian has amazingly caring owners who visited him every day, cooked his favourite treats and aided his recovery with great nursing. They are still medicating him daily and monitoring his bladder function.

Once Sebastian's urinary function has normalised the final surgery will be a tail amputation. Hopefully this will occur within the next month.

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