Sam's incarceration

It always seems that when the owner is away, the pets get into mischief. This was the case with Sam, a gorgeous white long haired cat who stayed with us for a month. His owner was overseas having their own holiday when his carer noticed him limping. Being 10 years old and deaf (which is quite common with white haired cats) did not stop Sam from having some outdoors fun.

X-rays were taken and revealed that Sam had fractured all the finger bones of his right forelimp. His distraught owners had a video conference with the orthopaedic surgeons and Sam had pins placed in the three weight bearing fractured toes.

His carer confined him as best as possible but unfortunately he discovered he was allergic to Sam's long fur! So Sam was sent to our clinic for continued confinement. Sam was given a long, single storey cage with basket and toys but no hidey hole because he had a tendency to jump from its top to greet whoever was coming to visit him. Something that was incompatible with 'confinement'!

Sam needed weekly bandage changes. We discovered his love of playing with water as the first few bandages were always soaked through and was causing a nasty skin irritation underneath. This needed to be cleaned under sedation and he was placed on analgesia and antibiotics. After this we placed a plastic sleeve around the base of the splint bandage which helped reduce this problem.

Sam's owner came back from overseas and was overcome with emotion; joy at being reunited with her Sam but also sadness that he had had to endure what had happened. Sam was due this week for final repeat x-rays of the forelimb to confirm full healing of those fractured bones before the splint was allowed to be removed permanently. Our fingers are crossed for this sweet active geriatric!