Roy Boy the budgie is back on 'the fly'

‘Roy Boy' is a four-year-old budgie who came to see us at PVVH because he had a lump on his wing edge. The lump had been growing slowly, and when it started to ulcerate ‘Roy Boy's' owner thought it best to have the lump removed. Dr Gus agreed that this was the best option, and ‘Roy Boy' was admitted to surgery that day.

He was given a gaseous anaesthetic via an oxygen mask, just the same as a cat or dog may be induced for anaesthetic. The lump was removed and the skin sutured with very fine suture material. ‘Roy Boy' had to wear an Elizabethan collar to prevent him from pecking at his sutures, but he was still able to climb around his cage and eat with it on.

The wound healed without any complications and within three weeks his feathers had started to regrow.

‘Roy Boy's' owner reports he is back to his normal chirpy self.