Rory's visit to the specialist...

Rory is a 10 year old British shorthair who loves to climb and play with his brother George. In late January, Rory's Owner found that he was not acting his usual self. Rory didn't want to play or eat his food. Later that day, Rory found it hard to walk and his legs were wobbly.

Rory's Owner brought him to us. On examination of Rory, Dr Kristina found him to be quite bright and alert. His vital signs were all normal except he could not stand on his front legs and he had pain in his neck. Dr Kristina suspected that Rory had nerve paralysis. He was admitted to hospital for a blood test and radiographs of his spine to rule out any underlying diseases.

Two hours later, Rory was getting worse. He could not feel his front legs and they would drag along the floor when he was assisted when walking. Rory underwent a general anaesthetic so we could take radiographs of his spine. Rory's blood results were normal and his spinal radiographs did not show any abnormalities. It was suspected that Rory had nerve problems and was recommended to see a specialist.

Rory was transferred to the specialist centre the next day. Once at the specialist centre, Rory had another thorough physical examination which showed his general health was normal except for his paralysis. The specialists recommended Rory have an MRI performed of his spine and brain to detect any anatomical diseases and a sample taken of his spinal fluid (CSF) to detect any inflammatory diseases. The MRI was first performed and specific changes were found to suggest there may be inflammation in his spine, so a sample was taken of his spinal fluid. The sample taken of his spinal fluid showed Rory had spinal cord inflammation which was causing him to have nerve paralysis. Rory was treated with steroids.

Two days later Rory was showing improvement in his condition. He was brighter and trying to move around. He also started to eat on his own. Ten days after starting his treatment, Rory was now able to move around on his own. He was eating and toileting on his own and had regained many of his normal habits and behaviours. Rory is continuing his medication and will be for the next few weeks. He gets closer and closer to his normal self every day.