Roo's painful encounter with a car

Roo, a terrier cross, was approximately 4 months old when he escaped from his owners house one day, returning home with a sore back leg that he would not put on the ground. Roo's owner brought him straight down to the vets, as she was concerned that a car had hit Roo. On examination it was found that Roo was otherwise ok, apart from his sore back leg, and that a car had indeed hit him.

Roo was treated for shock given lots of pain relief and admitted for radiographs of his leg where we found he had broken the top of his thighbone, (femur). The next day Roo had surgery on his leg to repair the broken bone (excisional arthroplasty) and the surgery was a great success. Just a few days later he was walking on his leg again.

Roo was allowed to go home but with doctor's orders of rest and gentle lead walks only for several weeks and pain relief. Roo visited the clinic again 4 weeks later for a check up and was given the all clear to be able to start and go on longer walks but no chasing balls for at least another 6 weeks.

We saw Roo again recently and he looked as good as new, back to chasing balls and enjoying life.