Puss-Puss joined our Chronic Renal Care program

Puss-Puss has been a patient here at Pascoe Vale Veterinary Hospital for a long time. She will be turning 17 years old, and like many senior cats we are seeing her regularly to ensure that she is healthy and living comfortably. During Puss-Puss' senior health check up, we check for issues, which start to appear at an older age, such as high blood pressure.

Puss-Puss was first diagnosed with hypertension three years ago and has been coming in to the clinic every three months to have her blood pressure check and medications adjusted. This has become particularly important to fine tune since she was diagnosed with renal disease last year. Her owner has been a fantastic support and carer to her, giving her her daily medications for blood pressure and arthritis, lifting her onto bed each night as her ability to jump has decreased, feeding her a prescription renal diet, and signing up for our Chronic Renal Care program.

Pascoe Vale Veterinary Hospital has recently implemented a new program for pets with chronic kidney disease called Chronic Renal Care. Our Chronic Renal Care program is intended to provide more information on treatment options and address questions or concerns that owners may have. As part of the program we will allocate an individual member of our team to work along side the vet to manage your pets day-to-day ongoing care.

If your pet has been diagnosed with kidney disease and you would like more information about it, please call the clinic on 9350 2955 during normal business hours to speak to one of our team members about the new program.