Pinoy the one-eyed cat

This is Pinoy, an 8 year old tabby cat who came to us one February weekend. Poor Pinoy had a disastrous injury to his right eye. His entire right eye had protruded completely from an accident not known to his owner. Being an adventurous male cat, his owners could not present him to the clinic until two weeks after he had been sighted with the injury. Two weeks on, the right eyeball was all dirty and infected.

The owners already knew what to expect when they brought Pinoy in. They expected it was likely the injured eye had to be removed. Surgery was performed that afternoon and being a fit and healthy boy, Pinoy recovered quickly from the surgery. He took some time adjusting to the now limited field of vision but is now back to his old healthy self.

It is important to know that eyeball protrusion, or globe proptosis, is an ocular emergency. It is not common in cats but it is most common in brachycephalic dogs, such as Pugs. In these dogs sometimes a simple scruff of the neck may cause the globe to proptose. In Pinoy's instance it was most likely due to trauma. If promptly treated there may still be hope for full recovery with no to minimal vision loss.

There are other ocular emergencies that may have more subtle changes that may escape our attention. Therefore, be sure to bring your pets to your veterinarian if you are unsure of what is happening in their eye. Better be safe than not!