Paris' fight for life

Paris is a gorgeous, mild mannered 12 year old Cavalier x that has lived happily with her family for her entire life.  She is a regular patient at Pascoe Vale, coming in for regular beauty treatments, pats and treats.

Paris back to her happy self

In January 2012 a heart murmur in Paris was detected at a routine visit. Chest x-rays revealed enlarged heart chambers but since Paris was not showing any symptoms no medications were prescribed. She was merely started on a low protein, low salt diet and unfortunately had to forgo her treats (most of the time!)

By July her heart murmur had advanced in turbulence and she was noticeably coughing more and slowing down. She was started on a heart medication and more regular checks were suggested.  Her blood pressure and urine tests were all still normal.

In February 2013 repeat chest x-rays revealed some more changes. She had some fluid accumulation in her lungs.  Additional heart medications were initiated.  By this stage Paris was taking 4 tablets at various times of the day.  Her owners were happy to do this and Paris did not seem to mind as the tablets were flavoured! To try to reduce the stress of medicating we provided Paris with a triple combination capsule that allow all medications to be given at once. A blessing as it freed up her owners’ timetable!

Paris presented to us recently when her owner had noticed that she was coughing more and having trouble breathing.  A quick examination indicated she was in a bit of trouble. Her gum colour was not the healthy pink colour it should have been and she had crackles in her lungs rather than good heart sounds. Paris was given supplemented oxygen and emergency medication immediately.  After stabilisation in an oxygen cage for several hours she was breathing more comfortably but was nowhere near back to normal. She was transported to the Accident Animal Emergency Centre in Essendon Fields for continued overnight care.  We were all concerned about how she would handle the night away from her parents.

It was with a huge sense of relief when we saw Paris walk back into the clinic the next morning, looking tired but breathing normally again.  Throughout the weekend she was monitored closely by family and friends.  Further checks deemed her to be stable.  Her medications have been adjusted yet again and she is back snoozing in her favourite sunlounge chair thanks to the life saving treatment she received and her amazing owners who helped her fight for her very existence.