Orthopaedic manipulation treats Esther's sore back

At Pascoe Vale Vet we are lucky enough to have Dr Colin on our team. He has a special interest in Orthopaedic Manipulation.  Here is a story of a patient that he recently treated with great success.

"Esther is a beautiful young cat.  She came in for a vaccination and wellness examination a couple of months ago and I was told that she didn’t like having her lower back touched.  I examined Esther and she indeed was quite painful over her lower back where her spine meets her pelvis. I could also tell that her hips were sore too. The plan we made for Esther was to take a blood sample to check that she was healthy on the inside and to then take some x-rays of her back and hips.

The x-rays confirmed that the hips were a little arthritic, but the good news with the spine was that we could see no arthritis or damage there.  The x-rays will show changes to the bone, such as arthritis, but they will not easily show changes to the soft tissues around the spine, like the discs, ligaments and muscles.  Esther started some medications for her hip arthritis (Synovan injections and Jointguard) and a course of orthopaedic manipulation was commenced.  This involved using a small tool called an “activator” to manipulate Esther’s spine.

Activator, a tool used for Orthopaedic Manipulation

After the first couple of treatments there was a very obvious improvement with Esther’s comfort levels over her spine and she can now be patted normally without reacting to pain.  She is also now finding it much easier to jump up onto thing’s whereas she had not been able to do this before.

Last time I treated her, she whispered into my ear (via her owner) “I’m happy when you pat my back now!”

Orthopaedic manipulation is a very powerful way to reduce pain and also to reduce the amount of arthritis that a dog or cat may develop in the future.  It is pain free and most pets really actually enjoy the treatments."