Nancy's liver cancer successfully removed

Nancy first came to see us last month. Her owners had noticed her drinking more water than usual for about 6 weeks and she seemed to be tired all the time. During her physical examination, Dr Nathalie noticed that her abdomen, or belly, felt enlarged.

A blood test was taken and the results showed that the problem appeared to be localized to her liver. There are a few conditions which can cause liver problems.

So a specialist blood test was performed to rule out a hormonal condition called "Cushings Disease". The blood results showed Nancy did not have this condition.

The next step was to investigate her liver further. This was done by ultrasound followed by exploratory surgery. At surgery, it was found that one of Nancy's liver lobes had a large abnormal mass in it. The rest of Nancy's liver was normal so the affected part of the liver was removed and sent to the pathologist for analysis.

Nancy has recovered very well from her big surgery and is feeling much better.

Unfortunately the results from the pathologist showed the affected part of the liver was cancerous. The good news is that it is not an aggressive type of cancer and there was no evidence of it spreading to any of her other organs. If a dog has cancer, it can sometimes be treated using chemotherapy, similar to the way humans are treated with chemotherapy.

As Nancy is doing so well, her owners will monitor her carefully and have regular ultrasounds of her liver as well as blood test every 3-6 months to make sure it cancer does not come back.