Moochie successfully recovers after suspected motor vehicle accident

On a Sunday evening last month, Moochie's owners called him in for dinner. He came straight into the house then collapsed. Concerned, his owners rushed him to the Essendon Animal Accident and Emergency Centre. The veterinarian found him to be bright and alert but he had some interesting injuries including shredded nails and a swollen left hind leg. Moochie also had a small 1cm skin wound on his left hind leg and he was in a lot of pain when his leg was manipulated. Moochie had likely been hit by a car.

Radiographs were taken and revealed a mid shaft femoral fracture (pictured left). Surgery was needed to fix his leg. The next morning, Moochie was transported to our veterinary hospital for surgery, as he normally visits us. Our veterinarian studied the radiographs sent to us and decided that the best approach to fix Moochie's leg was to place a intramedullar pin into the femoral bone.

He was placed under general anaesthetic. Moochie's whole left hind leg had to be shaved from his back to his ankle. His leg was very bruised and swollen from the accident.

Moochie was placed on intravenous fluids during his surgery which helps maintain his blood pressure. He was in surgery for over an hour. The pin was placed into the bone and cerclage wire was tied around the fracture site to strengthen the area. 

Moochie recovered from surgery very well and was given lots of pain relief and antibiotics. Moochie's Owners now had to keep him strictly confined to a very small area for 6-8 weeks to allow the bone to heal. He was put on antibiotics and pain relief for 2 weeks after surgery.

Ten days after surgery, Moochie's sutures were ready to come out. Our veterinarian examined his leg again and reported that it was healing well and the swelling had gone down. Moochie was also able to walk on his left hind leg, but he still had to be kept confined to let the bone heal properly.

Moochie is doing very well and will return to us 3 weeks after his surgery to have the pin removed from his leg.