Monty gets his seizures controlled

Anyone with a pet who has seizures will be able to tell you how stressful it is when a seizure attack happens with their beloved pet. Dogs and cats can have seizures just like people do and they can happen for a variety of reasons. Meet Monty, a 5 year old Beagle cross who was adopted from the shelters nearly four years ago. His first episode of seizures happened two years ago in January 2009, after which he started having seizures about three weeks apart.

Initial blood tests revealed no metabolic causes for Monty's seizures and his neurological examination was found to be all within the normal limits. The most likely cause for seizures given his age and breed was idiopathic epilepsy - epilepsy that is not caused by changes in the function of body systems (such as the brain, liver disease, low blood glucose or within the central nervous sytem). Although Monty recovered well from each seizure episode and the seizures were only short each time, the regularity of the episodes was having an impact on the quality of his life. Hence, a decision was made to start him on medications to help control his seizures.

No one really knows why epilepsy occurs, hence there is no available treatment currently. However, the seizures can often be controlled using oral medications. In most patients, it does not mean the total elimination of seizures but rather reducing the frequency and severity of seizures to an acceptable level.

Monty was started on some medication and with several dose adjustments we were finally able to obtain reasonable control of the seizure intensity and frequency. It certainly has not been an easy time for the past two years for Monty but with the dedication of his owners, we were finally able to achieve a reasonable quality of life for him. Monty still requires close monitoring and regular blood tests but now carries on with his daily life happily with his best mate Jasper.