Mim and the importance of pre-anaesthetic blood testing

Mim is a very fortunate little kitten. To say a cat has nine lives is very true and Mim is no exception. Her first life was when her owner decided to look after her. Mim was only a few days old when her owner had to hand-rear her, often taking her to job sites to make sure she got her regular feed. Thanks to the dedication of her owner she grew to be a fine healthy young cat.

Her second life was again taken care of by her owner. When requesting to have her speyed/desexed he agreed to the pre-anaesthetic blood testing, which shows kidney and liver function along with electrolytes, white blood cell and red blood cell counts. This test picked up that Mim was low in levels of particular cell called a 'platelet' which is very important in the clotting of blood. This is very important prior to surgery due to the increased risks of bleeding. From this test we were able to postpone the surgery until the levels had returned to normal. Mother nature has a way of always keeping you on your toes as a vet, but with the help of pre-anaesthetic testing we were able to help Mim save the rest of her seven lives for another day.