Milo's accident


When a member of the public saw a kitten dragging itself along the road, she became very concerned and phoned our clinic immediately. Little Milo had been hit by a car not long before. He was brought to our clinic where his implanted microchip allowed us to contact his owner so that we could start immediate treatment.

From the outset, we could see that Milo had significant injuries. He was unable to walk or even support his weight on his back legs without severe pain. We were able to ease some of his pain and stabilise the shock to his system with intravenous fluids and very strong pain relief medication. Initial examination and x-rays revealed that little Milo had multiple fractures of his pelvis (hips) including a fracture of the hip bone, through the right hip joint, and fractures through both femoral heads (the ball of the hip’s ball-and-socket joint). Milo would have to go to surgery to have them fixed. Luckily his internal organs were unharmed and did not present a risk for anaesthesia.

While waiting for us to plan and prepare for his surgery, Milo won all of our hearts over with his constant purring and loving smooches. The brave boy was even trying to use a litter tray as he had obviously learnt the right place to go to the toilet at home.

Milo had extensive surgery on both sides of his pelvis. The fracture across the right hip joint had to be reconstructed with a stainless steel plate and implanted screws to hold the fractured bones in the right position. This would eliminate any potential for future bowel movement obstruction. We also performed procedures to remove the fractured heads of Milo's femurs, which left his hips a little less stable. However, we are confident that with Milo's positive attitude, his owners' conscientious care and careful rehabilitation, Milo will form a pseudo-joint and return to complete hind limb function. 


Milo is currently on the road to recovery and travelling very fast indeed. Five days after surgery, he was up on his back legs and taking tentative, albeit wobbly, steps and growing more confident all the time. Milo still has a little while to go to get back to full activity but with time and regular check-ups he will be back on his feet and back to enjoying the rest of his life.

Milo’s case highlights the importance of microchips in allowing us to contact pet owners should their pet become lost or found injured. He is also a great example of care and teamwork: from the person who initially found him, to his owner who has been working closely with us to get him back on track. A great job has been done by our team here at Pascoe Vale Veterinary Hospital and of course little Milo himself. It has been quite an adventure.