Meong gets cancerous lumps removed

Meet Meong, a 10 year old male Abyssinian who is a well known and much loved patient at our clinic. We first met Meong back in January 2001 for his second kitten vaccination. Over the past 10 years, Meong has been a regular visitor here at Pascoe Vale Veterinary Hospital. In September 2009, Meong became unwell and was subsequently diagnosed with diabetes. He spent a short time in hospital to stabilise his diabetes, and began twice daily insulin injections and a special diabetic diet.

This year, on the 9th of June, Meong's owner Peter brought him to the clinic for a routine blood glucose test. During the consultation, Peter came across a small lump on Meong's right forelimb. A 'fine needle aspirate' was performed. This involved using a needle to take a small sample of cells from the lump. The sample was examined under the microscope and appeared to be a mast cell tumour. Meong was booked in for surgery to have the lump removed the following week.

Prior to surgery, Meong had x-rays taken of his chest. The x-rays revealed another lump - this one was on a lung lobe close to the heart. Meong was referred to the Melbourne Veterinary Referral Centre for specialised surgery to remove the lump on the lung. The surgery involved a thoracotomy, a surgical procedure in which the chest cavity is opened up to expose the heart and lungs. The general anaesthetic went smoothly and the lump on the lung was successfully removed. Meong was discharged from hospital the following day.

Following surgery, the lump was sent to an external laboratory for histopathology. The pathologist found the lump to be an aggressive cancer called a pulmonary carcinoma. In some cases, these cancers can spread throughout the lungs. Fortunately in Meong's case, there was no evidence of this. Furthermore, the pathologist indicated that the lump had been removed completely.

Meong continues to do well following his surgery. We look forward to continuing to care for Meong for many more years to come.