Meggie's bad eating habit

Seventeen week old Meggie first visited us in January when she vomited a 5cm piece of wool, bandaid, rubber band and a rose petal all in a lump! When she visited us again, she was lethargic, dehydrated and had a fever. On abdominal palpation we could not feel a distinct foreign body but her gastrointestinal tract felt thickened, and based on her history of eating foreign objects we were very worried. Meggie was given injections of pain relief and antibiotics, and was to be monitored overnight at home.

The next day Meggie was brighter but still hadn't eaten anything and her abdomen still felt abnormal. Her owner agreed to admit Meggie into hospital for intravenous fluids and survey abdominal x-rays. The x-rays showed mild gaseous build-up in Meggie's small intestine and a small thin, string-like object, measuring approximately 2 to 3cm. Based on this finding and the potential of going into surgery, Meggie was kept overnight in hospital on a drip.

The next day Maggie showed an improvement. She no longer had a fever and had passed a clump of faeces with a part of a shoe lace and more pieces of a rubber band! Repeat x-rays of Meggie's abdomen was taken and the obstructive pattern had gone. Her appetite had returned.

Meggie was sent home with lactulose (a stool softener) to encourage passage of any other foreign material, a course of tablets and instructions to be fed small meals of sensitive stomach diet.

On a follow up visit two days later Meggie was back to her old self. Her owner was having a difficult time keeping her quiet! The very conscientious family promises to keep all string-type materials away from their curious kitten. The outcome looks great for our lucky patient as long as she doesn't eat anymore rubber bands, band aids or shoe laces in the future!