Meet Felix

Felix is a mischievous kitten, who recently found himself in some serious trouble after he was hit by a car on one of his adventures. Felix camehome not wanting to use his right back leg, so his worried owner Natasha rushed him down to be checked over by his regular vet at the Pascoe Vale Vet, Dr Kaitlyn.

When Dr Kaitlyn examined Felix’s legs, it was very painful and his nails were also scuffed.  This is a common injury cats sustain when they get hit by a car, because they try to grip the concrete. Taking all of this into consideration, we were worried Felix’s leg was broken and recommended that we take some radiographs of his leg to see if this was the case.

It was also very important that we took radiographs to make sure his bladder and diaphragm where still intact (which luckily they were), as these are common organs to be ruptured when hit by a car - and life threatening if not fixed.

We are only in the early days of Felix’s road to recovery - but expect a full recovery. Although, we don't think Felix will be too impressed about his lifestyle change from outdoor to indoor cat. We hope that by becoming an indoor cat he can avoid any further meetings with motor vehicles.
The radiograph of Felix’s leg shown in this article shows that he had a nasty fracture of his femur. Felix was then referred to the specialist Surgeons at CARE - to have the fracture fixed with bone pins.