Meet Chester the Delta dog

Chester is a 5 year old male Spoodle who has been coming to the clinic since he was a puppy. Chester went through rigourous behavioural and physical testing to become an accredited Delta Society canine, earning his stripes back in early 2009. Chester and his owner Nikki volunteer their time regularly at hospitals. They visit sick people to hopefully put a smile on their faces and help speed up their recovery. Chester's mild, gentle manner wins fans whenever he goes, and he is known as the 'Sneezing dog' since he does this on command!

Delta Society is a non profit organisation that started in 2003. Its aim is to encourage the human-animal bond. These specially chosen canine companions with their owners pay visits to schools, nursing homes, rehabilitation centres and hospitals around Australia. Humans benefit from having beautifully calm, playful dogs, giving them unconditional love and attention. Studies have shown that pets decrease human stress levels, aid the healing process (both mentally and physically) and build self confidence through their social interactions.

These four legged volunteers need to maintain a level of health to ensure they do not pass any diseases onto the people they visit. Chester must have his annual vaccinations, worming and flea treatment for which Nikki is responsible, however Delta Society pays for his 3 monthly check up to ensure he is not carrying any agents that humans may be susceptible to. Chester visited us recently for his check up and was given a good clean bill of health!

Dr Julian, our senior veterinarian is participating in her first marathon on the 9th of October. She is dedicating her fundraising to the Delta Society organisation. Any donations would be most welcome. You can donate at