Lucky Mia

Mia was presented to the clinic after being found lying in her backyard. Poor Mia was only 10 months old and had severe lameness on her right hind leg. A complete examination of this leg was very difficult as Mia was in pain, but a full examination showed she was coping well with good cardiovascular function and no evidence of head trauma.

After being put on intravenous fluids and given strong pain relief, Mia was further examined and given a general anaesthetic to allow radiographs (X-Rays) to be taken of the hind limbs and hip regions. These radiographs showed a dislocated hip joint and also a small shard of bone of her pelvis.

The hip was put back in place but as is so often the case in cats due to their shallow hip joints, it popped straight back out. In this case there are few options for long-term management so a plan was made with the client to remove the ball joint off the top of the thighbone. This removes the source of the pain and in the long term allows a false joint to form, which allows excellent use and mobility of the leg. We decided too that it was a good idea to minimize future use of anaesthetics and spey Mia at the same time.

When she was clipped for surgery the bruising became visible and extended right down the back of her right leg. It looked very sore and it was amazing how well her fur covered the bruising. Both surgeries went very well. The hip joint was removed successfully, but during the spey a lot of internal bruising was visible. This showed that Mia's injuries were widespread and quite a severe event had taken place. In Mia's case it is expected a car hit her. Such injuries indicate Mia is a lucky little cat and things could have been far worse. Mia was able to return home with a dislocated hip to be with her family again! It was good thinking on the part of Mia's family that as soon as they noticed her lameness they brought her straight to the clinic for a check. This allowed us to provide her immediate pain relief and support her internal organ function with intravenous fluids as shock is a common occurrence from a trauma such as being hit by a car.

Mia recovered well and was up walking again three days after her surgery. Throughout her ordeal Mia was an excellent patient, who dealt with all her troubles and examinations in good spirits.