Long in the tooth

Max is a long-standing patient of our hospital. Two years ago, Max went through a substantial operation to have his incisors surgically removed as they were misaligned (a common occurrence in rabbits) and causing him difficulties in eating. This in turn caused considerable pain and loss of condition. Despite this, one of his lower incisors grew back! Rabbits' teeth continue to grow throughout their lifetime as they wear them down so much.

Since trimming generally did not cause Max any pain, his owners had elected to have the 'wonky' tooth trimmed whenever it was necessary.

Max came in one sunny afternoon for some "maintenance". His owners had been watching the tooth steadily grow and knew that before long it would again disrupt his chewing ability. Max's tooth was protruding over an inch from his mouth, like an upside down rhinoceros horn!

Max was taken to the treatment area. While being held by a nurse, a dental burr was used to trim the excess and a polisher was used to smooth out the tooth's surface. Max was such a good patient that the entire procedure took only two minutes without the use of any chemical restraint. Max was returned to his happy owners with the ability to chew on hard tidbits again. We expect to see him back in about six months for another beauty treatment.

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