Liberty - Free To Be Treated!

It was business as usual for Liberty the four year old Cocker Spaniel one rainy Saturday morning. She was sniffing around her front yard, (her usual routine,) when suddenly something caught her attention and she was off like a rocket!

Unfortunately Liberty does not look both ways before crossing the road and this day the unthinkable happened - she was hit by a car. Luckily for Liberty, her mum saw the whole thing and immediately rushed her to our clinic, (despite receiving a few bites herself from a very unhappy patient!)

Liberty was in shock, and her condition was critical. After an assessment from our Veterinarian, it was apparent she had sustained some serious injuries from the accident and would need intensive care, IV fluid therapy, strong pain relief and further diagnostic work up.

It was a lot to take on for Liberty's mum. After the trauma of having seen the car accident and being injured herself, Liberty's mum was lucky that she did not have to worry about financial burden that would come along with such intensive treatment, as her dog has Pet Insurance. In this instance, we could quickly get on with focusing on saving Liberty's life and her mum could go and receive treatment herself with some peace of mind.

After some intensive care, strong pain relief, oxygen therapy and X-rays, we could see that Liberty had a fractured pelvis and diaphragmatic hernia. A diaphragmatic hernia is where the diaphragm ruptures with the impact of the car and organs from the abdomen are pushed into the chest. It is not only very painful, but also restricts the volume of air the patient can breathe in.

We could not determine with 100% certainty from her X-rays if any of her abdominal organs had been damaged. This was a very serious injury and Liberty needed immediate surgery and monitoring in ICU afterwards. When Liberty's respiratory system was stable, her pelvic fracture could be addressed safely.

Once the severity of Liberty's injuries was ascertained, Liberty was transferred to the Animal Accident and Emergency Centre to have her diaphragm repaired so she could be intensely monitored post surgery. Her organs would also be assessed during the hernia repair. Liberty's procedure went smoothly and she spent a few days in ICU recovering and resting before the surgeons went on to repair her pelvis.

You would think that would be the end of this story for Liberty, but she had other ideas. Her pelvis did not heal as expected and Liberty had to go back for another surgery. We hope that with her repeat surgery, hydrotherapy and pain management that she continues to make a full recovery.

With all the intensive care, surgery, repeat surgery, hydrotherapy and multiple vet visits, Liberty's mum has spent thousands on her health in the last few months.

Having Liberty insured meant that her family could claim 80-100% of her veterinary bills back. What a relief for Liberty's family that none of her treatment decisions needed to be restrained by the very real burden of finance and she can have the best care available.