Libby the Labrador Puppy has major surgery

Libby is an 11 week old Labrador puppy who broke her leg (both the tibia and fibula) when she was accidentally stood on. To help correct the damage we placed an external fixatur including an intramedullary pin through the middle of the bone and external pins on the outside of her leg to prevent the bone from moving. This procedure was done under anaesthetic in our sterile surgery/operating theatre.

Libby's fixatur will stabilise the bone over the next 6-8 weeks after which we will re-x-ray the leg and possibly remove the pins depending on how the bone has mended.

Libby's surgery took 3 hours and she recovered very well standing up in her cage within 2-3 hours of waking up from the anaesthetic. Libby will require regular check ups and bandage changes weekly for the next 6-8 weeks before we re-x-ray the leg again.