Kimba's story

Kimba is a 6 year old female American Pitbull terrier. Her owners had noticed a large 3cm lump growing near the base of her tail. A biopsy was taken from the lump and sent to a pathologist to find out what type of lump it was and if it was harmful. The results of the biopsy showed the lump was in fact a grade two mast cell tumour.

A mast cell tumour is a form of skin cancer which can be quite aggressive and can spread throughout the body if left undetected. A grade two mast cell tumour is quite bad and needs to be surgically removed.

The worst grade for a tumour is grade 3 which usually means the cancer has spread to other parts of the body and cannot be surgically removed.

A margin of 3cm all around the tumour had to be taken to ensure the whole tumour was removed. The tumour was again sent to the pathologist to make sure the whole tumour was removed and none was left.

As the surgical site was quite large, a skin flap was performed to close the wound. A pressure bandage was applied to the area to help remove any fluid under the skin.

Kimba is recovering well from her surgery and is back to her normal mischievous self.