Kanga pounces back on three legs after a nasty car accident

The saying “a cat has nine lives” may be more than just a myth for our friend Kanga the young male neutered domestic cat. Kanga was taken to an after hours emergency clinic when he was the victim of a motor vehicle accident. The emergency clinic stabilized Kanga and noted the severe damage to his foot including fractures and soft tissue damage. Kanga’s owners brought him to see us, with a heavily bandaged foot and a recommendation from the referring veterinarian to amputate his leg. The soft tissue damage was so bad that amputation was the best option to reduce the pain and anxiety Kanga was experiencing.

After close examination and as recommended by the emergency centre, our vets operated on him to amputate the front leg. The surgery went smoothly and there were no major complications. Within a day Kanga was back to his normal purring smoochy self and was eating and drinking normally. After 2 days he was able to return home.

Kanga is now managing well! His case shows us that although the word “amputation” is sometimes a scary thought most animals are able to manage with only 3 legs.